Below are a few of the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we encounter everday, if your question isn't listed here, please give us a call & we'll try to answer it in as much detail as you can handle.


All our work comes with a gaurantee, feel free to ask about it.




We complete roadworthy inspections whilst you wait, the normal time for an inspection is 1 hour. When a vehicle is brought in it needs to be registered or have a permit to drive. As part of the new Vic Roads guidelines it will be photographed, brake tested along with the key components inspected (A roadworthy is not a gaurantee that the vehicle is in top condition, nor is a guarantee that the items checked during the inspection will continue to function after the rwc is complete (e.g. a brake light can stop funtioning at any time).

When a vehicle is brought in for the rwc it will be either issued a pink or green slip. Pink is a fail & then you have 7 days to rectify any faults listed (or we can take care of them for you), the green rwc is the one which you then have 30 days from its issue date to either transfer or sell the vehicle. If either of these time frames are expired there will be a re-test fee. 

Further information visit: or call 1300 360 745




You will not jeopardized your manufacturers warranty by having your vehicle serviced with us. We use quality parts, filters & oils ect. We complete all major & minor log book service here at a reasonable price without the headache of re-visiting the dealership.

We also service & repair vehicles out of warranty.




As we are not a bank, at this stage we do not offer a payment plan. However we do accept cash & have  eftpos/credit card facilities. Cheques only excepted with prior approval. Direct debit into our Bank Account is aso a preffered option with no added fees.




We service & repair most makes & models. We currently service & repair cars from 1963 through untill the newest cars on the road. Our latest diagnostic equiptment is the same used by hyundai & kia. If theres a problem with any car, we can generally sort it or source information to do so.  




We use only quality brake parts & components to repair your vehicle. We recommend machining or replacing disc rotors whenever pads are changed, this way we guarantee longer brake pad life & better pedal feel.


All our work is guaranteed &  completed with nothing left to chance.

Wether its a trip to the snow or a round Australia trip we'll make sure you get there & back without fuss.